Our Core Programs

Puppy Starters Class

For first-time dog owners with puppies and dogs

10 weeks to 16 weeks old (must have had two vaccinations)

Raising a healthy, happy puppy is an exciting time but it can also be a trying and challenging one. Four weekly sessions will help guide you through the perils of puppyhood and start your puppy off on the right paw. Covers beginning socialization, management, handling and manners.

Four sessions, twice a week, 30 min per session

Family Dog Program 1 & 2

Our flagship program that teaches the skills needed by all companion dogs.

For puppies and dogs, 4 months and above. It is divided into two (2) parts:

Family Dog One is the entry level class that teaches the foundations of good manners at home and in public - Loose Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Leave it.
Four (4) weekly sessions, 30 min per session.

Family Dog Two builds on the skills learned in Family Dog One. Exercises work on more reliable commands and longer stays, under a higher level of distraction. Dog must have gained proficiencies taught in Family Dog One.

Four (4) weekly sessions, 30 min per session.

Introduction to Dog Agility

For healthy dogs, 3 months and above

Dog agility is a fun and exciting way to build the bond between you and your dog. Teach your dog to climb over obstacles, run through tunnels, and leap over jumps. Agility builds confidence, redirects an active dog’s energies, and provides the exercise and stimulation he needs. Requires skills taught in Family Dog One.

Four (4) weekly sessions, 45 min per session.

APDT Canine Life And Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S)

The APDT C.L.A.S.S training program lays down the real life skills a dog needs to navigate through life’s everyday situations. Contact with people and other dogs, leashing up manners, going through doors, friendly greetings, and other potentially conflicting circumstances will need an owner's guidance. Through reward-based teaching techniques the C.L.A.S.S program shows owners how to manage their dogs both inside the home and in public. By successfully completing an evaluation by a certified evaluator, a dog works his way through BA, MA, and PhD certifications of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers in the United States.
Six (6) weekly sessions, 45 min per session

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