The BetterDog School

Every dog deserves a quality education. You deserve a better dog.

Relationship-based Training.

The best dog training professionals will tell you without a doubt that the best trainer for a dog is his owner.To a dog, nothing matters as much in the world as his bond with his owner. At BetterDog we work with you in strengthening that bond and making it work for you. 

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are US certified or are currently completing their certification requirements as dog training professionals. While certification is not indicative of a trainer's skill, it does assure that you are getting a service at par with standards anywhere in the world.

Training That Works!

At BetterDog, we believe in working with a dog’s natural drives instead of against them. His drive for food, his drive for play, and his drive for attention and petting. When a dog learns to work for any of these, you get a dog that is an active and enthusiastic participant in the learning process. Learning is so much easier and fun! This is the secret to a successful training system.