1. BGC MY SUNDAY DOG PARK is open only on Sundays from 8:30am to 10am and from 4pm to 6pm. There are some Sundays when it will not be open. Please check the calendar here for quarterly updates.

  2. It is a CONTROLLED DOG PARK and ALL activities of dogs and humans will be directed and supervised by BetterDog Canine Behavior Center’s dog training professionals.

  3. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Only dogs that are duly registered with BetterDog are allowed to enter the dog park. All dogs that are allowed to use the dog park must present updated proof of vaccinations and their temperament must be properly evaluated by BetterDog’s trainers before being allowed to enter the dog park. Owners are required to present their government issued IDs and provide a copy thereof. 

  4. A dog may be registered, and its registration maintained, if the dog’s anti-rabies, 5-in-1, and Bordatella vaccinations are up-to-date. The owner must present the dog’s vaccination records showing that all required vaccinations are dated and verified with the signature and PTR number of a licensed veterinarian.

  5. Dogs with behavior issues such as aggression toward humans and other dogs or other nuisance behaviors will be directed to seek behavior counseling or behavior modification training and will not be allowed in the dog park without BetterDog trainer’s supervision.

  6. OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR DOGS. They bear the risk of any injury or damage to their dogs, or caused or contributed to by their dogs, while their dogs are inside the dog park.

  7. Children under 12 years of age or under 4 feet in height must at all times be accompanied by, and be under the control and supervision of, a responsible and capable adult while inside the dog park.

  8. All dogs inside the dog park must be accompanied and directly supervised by a responsible and capable adult no younger than 18 years of age. Owners must be inside the dog park with their dogs.

  9. No person may bring in more than two dogs at one time, unless they are accompanied by another responsible and capable adult for every additional dog.

  10. Female dogs in heat are prohibited from entering the dog park.

  11. Dogs that exhibit signs of illness or are clearly infested with parasites (whether internal or external) may be prevented from entering the dog park.

  12. A puppy under 4 months of age may be brought in provided it has had at least two 5-in-1 vaccinations from a reputable vet, the owner bears entirely and solely the risk of the puppy contracting contagious diseases.

  13. If a dog defecates inside the dog park, the owner must promptly remove the dog’s faeces and dispose of it, properly bagged, in the appropriate bins provided. Owners and guardians must bring their own poop bags and cleaning material.

  14. Food, rawhide, bones, toys, and other personal items are not allowed inside the dog park during off-leash dog play as these could trigger dog-dog aggression.

  15. All dogs must remain on leash until they are inside the dog park, and must be leashed before they leave the park.

  16. Owners must carry the dogs’ leashes at all times while they and their dogs are in the park.

  17. Retractable leashes are prohibited anywhere inside the dog park.

  18. Everyone entering and exiting the dog park must close and secure the park gate behind them.

  19. If a dog becomes overly aroused, aggressive, or starts bullying another dog, the owner must interrupt the interaction and give the dog a time out to calm down to a relaxed state before joining the other dogs. If a dog digs or tears into the park fencing or benches, the owner must promptly interrupt it and prevent further digging or destruction. If the dog barks excessively, it must be removed and calmed down.

  20. The trainer/steward in charge may request an owner to put his/her dog on leash and remove it immediately to avoid escalation of any of the foregoing.

  21. The dog park is under the management and supervision of BetterDog’s Trainers and Stewards whose primary concern are the safety and well-being of dogs and humans. They are tasked with enforcing these rules and policies. Failure to comply with these policies and rules may result in the owner being fined and/or refused future entry into the dog park.

  22. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any dog that presents any risk to the health and well-being of other humans and dogs.