Welcome to BetterDog Canine Behavior Center.




Welcome to BetterDog!

BetterDog Canine Behavior Center is the first professional dog training facility in the Philippines that works with owners in training their dogs.  We believe in the use of reward based teaching methods and working with the dog’s natural drives instead of against them. This produces a dog that is happy, confident, and a joy to live with.

We offer comprehensive training programs beginning with early puppy training, to basic family dog manners, to more advanced competition training in obedience and agility. We also offer private behavior consultation and specialized behavior modification programs.

BetterDog is built around our belief that for all that our dogs give us, they deserve better. We hope you enjoy your dog as much as we enjoy ours.

“Very cool. Very posh.”

Three years into the business and we’ve learned some very important lessons. For starters, we’ve learned that dogs need a LOT of space. So we got more.

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